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Beauty City Salon Spa


Discounted Packages

SPECIAL OFFER                                        $700

20 sessions with any of the following options (may be different for each session):

75 min Facial                

30 min Massage + tax

1 hr Reflexology + tax

20 min Ultrasonic                                            

45 min Back Facial

20 min Poto Rejuvenation          

20 min Body Scrub     

20 min collagen mask            

Eyelash Perming

20 min Microdermabrasion (Extra $20)


For each of your visits, one option will count

towards one session in the package

Facial & Hand Treatment

Reg. 60.00     Disc. Price 39.99

Cleansing, peeling, steam, eyebrows shaping, facial massage, remove blackhead, high-frequency treatment, eye mask, cold mask.

Photo Treatment

Reg. 85.00     Disc. Price 50.00

The light energy stimulates collagen. Revitalizing aging skin. Evens out skin tone leaving skin with a smoother appearance & softer feel. Diminish sunspots. Minimizes pores, reduces wrinkles, decreases redness.

Microdermabrasion Skin Peel Treatment

Reg. 85.00     Disc. Price 50.00

Remove dead flaking skin cells. Great for wrinkles, acne, scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and enlarged pores.

Ultrasonic Face Treatment

Reg. 45.00     Disc. Price 25.00

Reduce fine line, revealing a smoother, more polished complexion.

Collagen Mask

Reg. 35.00     Disc. Price 25.00

Hydrating, brightening, and firming the skin


Reg. 45.00        Disc. Price 34.99

Relaxing and circulation using hot water with the Chinese herbal, also using sand prevent rheumatoid arthritis

Body Massage

Reg. 65.00        Disc. Price 49.99

Relaxing deep tissue body massage using Chinese herbal oil. Releases tension and stress

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Reg. 248.00    Disc. Price 149.00

Not Including Cutting

Digital Perm

Reg. 288.00    Disc. Price 168.00

Shampoo & Blow Dry & Haircut

Reg. 35.00            Disc. Price 25.00

Not Including Cutting

Single Process

Reg. 88.00      Disc. Price 48.00

Not Including Cutting

*Not Valid with Other Offer & Prior Services Offer

Beauty City Salon Spa


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